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Pray of the righteous availeth much (Jun 29, 2009)

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   Discussion: Pray of the righteous availeth much
Mae Cogshell (anon) · 9 years, 9 months ago
Most gracious Heavenly Father; I come before you as humble as I know how. First Lord, Thanking You for all Your many blessings given and those yet to come. Lord, I know that Your Word teaches that the Prayers of a righteous man availath much in James 5:16; I stand before You not clothed in my righteousness, but in the righteousness of Your Son Jesus, Who died on the cross for me. Lord, my prayer is that You continue to keep our church, all churches opened in Your name. Lord, I realize that we normally pray for blessings that may or may not be in Your will, I also know that according to Your word when we pray we should be requesting that Your will be done. Lord, please continue to guide, strengthen, and encourage us in Your Word. Please look down on our pastor, his family and his church family and bless in what ever we have need of. If we need financial blessings, healing(s), and/or spiritual guidance(s) Lord I KNOW that You are able and willing. Lift us up where we're torn down, tear us down where we're lifted up too high. Please continue to bless Pastor Allen and his family; help us to be a blessing to You and him. Lord, I believe with all my heart that he is a God-sent Pastor and I know that You love him and his flock. Please strengthen us to get involved with the issues that are occuring around us that we can change and show/help us to accept the ones that we can not. Lord, we (our) country appears to falling away from You more and more each day, help us to defend what's right and stand-against what's wrong. Lord, we need You. We need You in our waking hours and we need You when we lay down to sleep. We need You as we go through our days. We need You when we succeed and we need You when we fall short. We need You when the sun shines and we need You when it rains. Lord, there is never a time when we don't need You. Help us to encourage, feed, water, and reject according to Your will. These and many blessings in Your Son Jesus Chist Name I pray. Amen!
LaQuetha Brown · 9 years, 9 months ago
Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me to see another day, for my blood family, and my church family. Lord, thank you for the loving support from Pastor and Sister Allen, and all of Springhill. We know that Satan is busy trying to destroy, but we know you hold us up. We ask you to continue strengthening us as a whole body, so that we may grow together and for our work to be pleasing in Your sight. Lord, we know you see us just the way we are, and I ask if you will make us to be what you have purposed for us. Thank you for even giving me the desire to want to follow you. Bless and strengthen were it is needed, from the leaders all over the world to the smallest infant, for we know you care for us all. In Jesus Christ name.  Amen.
shandetra jones · 9 years, 9 months ago
thank u jesus

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